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Health and Safety

We are committed to providing and maintaining a healthy, safe and supportive working environment for our employees, their families, visitors, contractors and the communities in which we live in.

A company’s most important asset is its workers and to this end, company-wide as well as local policies systems are set to ensure that a strong health and safety belief system is constantly at the forefront of our business practice.

  • Our facilities are monitored, audited and assessed on a ongoing basis  for high risk situations and potential safety hazards.
  • Education and safety training are widely available to all employees.
  • All facilities are OHSAS 18001 (health and safety) and ISO 14001 (environmentally) compliant.  


Cummins Eastern Canada pledges to protect the environment and the conservation of natural resources while reducing waste. The products we support as well as our everyday business practices are mindful and adhere to the regulations and requirements set out by governmental bodies and advocates for environmental impact considerations. We support the right technologies to meet short and long term greenhouse gas reduction goals as well as products that minimize the impact of our operations on the environment while still meeting our customers’ requirements for products that are efficient, reliable and dependable.