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Cummins is the world's largest independent diesel engine manufacturer and is a major supplier to defense agencies around the world. Large numbers of Cummins-powered units are currently in active service supporting a wide variety of equipment, from logistic trucks to heavy artillery.

Cummins defense enginesOver $400 million is invested annually in research and engineering to maintain technology leadership across a power band extending all the way to 675 hp.  With engine manufacturing in 8 countries and over 6,500 support locations worldwide, Cummins has evolved into a truly international company. That's why Cummins is in so many military applications around the world. The B/ISBe series engines alone are in service in over 30,000 pieces of military equipment worldwide.

Cummins engines supply power for every type of military application:

  • Wheeled and tracked combat vehicles
  • Logistic vehicles
  • Naval propulsion and auxiliaries
  • Multi-megawatt generator sets

Features of the defense lineup include:

  • Power ratings ranging from 128 to 675 hp. 
  • Able to meet military requirements for durability with no need for  re-engineering.
  • Smart self-protection systems preventing engine wear from cold starting, overheating or excessive idling.
  • Significant installation advantages through high power output and compact envelopes releasing valuable internal space and aiding payload.
  • Extended service intervals and reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Compatible with a wide range of military fuels, including NATO F-34 & F-54, JET A-1, JP-8 and AVTUR.
  • After treatment system option in conjunction with high sulphur fuels.

Cummins delivers every engine you need, wherever you need it.

To learn more about Cummins defense engines, contact a local Cummins Eastern Canada representative or visit our engine specification library by clicking the button below.

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