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Better. Every Well.

Cummins has made major investments in a superior product line that meets all of your oil and gas business needs by delivering the toughest and most dependable diesel and natural gas power in the world. The same robust components used in Cummins high-compression diesel engines also go into their natural gas ones. Choose from a lineup of diesel engine platforms from 1.4 to 78 liters, naturally aspirated and turbocharged natural gas engine platforms ranging from 5.9 to 91 liters or for applications that need particular specifications, customized engines with tailored power rating options.

No matter the application, Cummins has the solution for you:

  • Diesel, natural gas and dual fuel options
  • Drilling applications
  • Servicing applications
  • Producing applications
  • Customized solutions and power units
  • Exceptional technical, parts and service support 24/7/365 worldwide
  • Backed by the Cummins warranty standard to all our industrial engines

Expect the power of Cummins to provide you with the power and performance you demand:

  • Known for the power density rating options and superior technological and mechanical calibrations to provide you with optimal value of ownership.
  • Fuel efficient engines allowing you to decrease expenses and increase profit.
  • Globally emission compliant solutions so you know you will always be ahead of the curve and within governmental and industry regulations.
  • Exceptional uptime, ruggedness and reliability so you can focus on what matters most, your business.

Cummins engines have proven their reliability working around the clock, in the harshest conditions imaginable, in every corner of the world.

To learn more about Cummins oil and gas engines, contact a local Cummins Eastern Canada representative or visit our engine specification library by clicking the button below.

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