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Better. Every Rail Operation.

When reliability and durability are what you expect, count on Cummins to deliver the solution. Exceptional durability has been developed and proven to perform through the use of premium materials and quality controlled manufacturing. Time tested and built to last, Cummins engines run in over 13,000 rail engines worldwide in some of the toughest applications. With engines manufactured with advanced emissions compliance technologies, Cummins remains on track with the most progressive rail companies in the world.

Your rail engine has been designed and manufactured to perform in a wide range of rail applications, from rail grinders and other equipment used on the tracks, to passenger trains and locomotives.

Cummins Engines for Rail Applications

Cummins knows the rail industry is a unique and specialized market, so not only do they offer a full line of power ratings but also models that have been customized specifically to meet industry demands, like low-profile designs for easier undercar servicing and manufacturing “horizontal engines” to allow for high-speed DMUs.

Hauling freight has its own set of demands and Cummins rises to the challenge offering a comprehensive range of high-performance, low-maintenance diesels in a wide range of horsepower including V12 and V16 configuration as well as ratings of up to 2100 rpm.

Better. Every Rail Operation.

  • A comprehensive lineup of 12 engine models ranging from 49-4400 hp and 37-3282 kW to torque.
  • New and rebuilt engines for additional cost savings and performance capabilities
  • Fuel and space efficient designs
  • Long service intervals
  • Higher power-to-weight ratio than low-speed units
  • Low cost-of-operation and high dependability

More Life with Repowers

As well as supplying engines for new locomotives, Cummins has vast experience in repowering older rail equipment. Whether you're faced with increased maintenance, scarcity of replacement parts or excessive fuel and oil consumption driving higher operating costs, a repower program with Cummins might be the solution. With a complete line-up of rail engines and engineering support, Cummins delivers both operational and environmental benefits to your rail operations.

World Class Service and Support

With a full understanding of the duty requirements of rail equipment and a comprehensive product range, Cummins engineers are able to apply the right engine for every application. This means the highest availability standard at the lowest possible operating cost.

So whether you purchase a new or repowered rail engine, Cummins is your long term business partner offering world class parts and service support  where you need it, when you need it. You can depend on Cummins – every time.

To learn more about Cummins rail engines, contact a local Cummins Eastern Canada representative or visit our engine specification library by clicking the button below.

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