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Cummins on-highway engines

Better. Every Road and Route.

Cummins remains ahead of the curve in manufacturing engines that deliver better fuel economy, improved reliability and durability for truck and vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Whether it is for a truck in the hauling and freight industry,  a transit or school bus or a specialty vehicle, Cummins has an engine that will suit your needs. With well over one million certified engines operating in truck, bus, coach and specialty vehicle applications around the world, Cummins brings a unique level of experience to every engine manufactured and the ability to provide the right engine for each installation. For vehicle owners and operators, Cummins offers world-class performance, durability and fuel efficiency. For vehicle manufacturers,  a level of application expertise that few, if any, other engine supplier can match.

You can trust in the technical caliber of Cummins engines, designed and developed through decades of experience in the most demanding of operations.

Choosing a Cummins on-highway engine is choosing many advantages over the competition

  • Superior Fuel Economy - Cummins offers leading fuel economy for a lower cost of operation and higher profitability.
  • Proven Dependability - The reliability and durability of Cummins engines have been demonstrated in every type of vehicle working every type of duty cycle, for decades.
  • World Class Support - Cummins has one of the largest and most capable parts and service networks in the business and as a distributor of Cummins, Cummins Eastern Canada is no different. With 12 service locations covering Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada and approximately 400 dealer locations no matter where you are, we will provide you fast, efficient, technical and service support to get you back on the road.

To learn more about Cummins on-highway engines, contact a local Cummins Eastern Canada representative or visit our engine specification library by clicking the button below.

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