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Engineered for Optimal Performance

Cummins Marine Gensets offer optimum durability and functionality for primary ships service and diesel-electric applications. Designed specifically for the challenges of the marine environment, each genset features a Cummins base engine, alternator and control system.

All elements of the generator set are engineered to operate with complete system harmony for optimal performance and maximum efficiency.

  • Driven by Cummins marine diesel engines, known for exceptional reliability and low cost of operation
  • Fit with electronic governing for optimal step load acceptance
  • Designed for the tough demands of marine applications with superior durability and high uptime
  • Engineered for ease of vessel integration and less complex mechanical connections
  • Multi-station alarm and monitoring panels connected via a local digital network for complete system on classed sets Integrated alarm systems can be configured to communicate digitally with ship central data and alarm system
  • Conform to SOLAS surface temperature requirements and classifiable for UMS applications as defined by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS)
  • Compliant to IMO Annex VI Regulation 13Cummins marine generators

Marine Auxiliaries

Cummins offers a complete line of constant speed auxiliary power solutions from 104-2547 hp (78-1900 kW) designed specifically for the challenges of commercial marine applications. Knowing no two customers are like, Cummins Eastern Canada can create for you a custom diesel electric genset packaged through the commercial Marine Center of Excellence.

The Difference is Experience

  • Hundreds of diesel electric packages in operation globally
  • Regular integration meetings begin at vessel concept and continue through commissioning
  • Customized packages to meet your vessel requirements
  • Major components designed and built by Cummins as an integrated unit
  • Supported by a global network of marine service specialists available 24/7/365

To learn more about Cummins marine generators and auxiliaries, contact a local Cummins Eastern Canada representative or visit our engine specification library by clicking the button below.

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