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Cummins residential generators

Reliable Power When You Need It.

In the even of a fire, you ensure you and your family have an escape route and a backup plan. Why not have a safe, reliable plan for when the power goes out? Keep you and your family safe and secure with one simple step, install a Cummins residential generator and take control of Mother Nature.  

There are countless ways outages occur.  

  • Unreliable utility power grid
  • Seasonal power outages
  • Limited local utility power
  • An aging power grid stretched to capacity
  • Severe weather causing outages
  • Human error by utility employees
  • Local construction causing power outages

Portable generators are risky and dangerous:

  • Will the portable generator have been exercised regularly to ensure it will run?
  • Will there be enough fresh fuel to run it for an extended period?
  • How will it be hooked up in the event of severe weather?
  • Will it have enough capacity to power all the things you need?

A permanently installed generator avoids all these problems. Want a bit more security? Invest in a preventive maintenance plan from Cummins Eastern Canada and have your generator running smoothly for years to come with scheduled visits and inspections of your generator. 

With experienced and dedicated service technicians ready to provide support, expertise and the parts you need, you can feel reassured that your home will always be lit. 

To learn more about Cummins residential generators, contact a local Cummins Eastern Canada representative or visit our specification library by clicking the button below.

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